About the Author

Name: Jules Cox

Race: Human, subrace: caucasian Texan

Class: Writer/Database Administrator

First Appearance: 1979

Sex/Gender: Female on transgender spectrum



Strength: 10

Dexterity: 8

Subclass dexterity: hands only: 16

Stamina: 6

Intelligence: 16

Charisma: 13

Health: 6

Resources: 12



SQL Databases: 6

Written Communication: 14

Oral Communication: 7



Gardening: 13 (specialization: north central Texas)

Knitting: 14

Crochet: 12

Spinning Yarn: 12

Leather working: 6

Horsemanship: 6

Shepherding: 8

Driving: 6

Parenting: 13 (specialization: ages 10 and under)

Graphic Design: 6 (specialization: MS Paint cartoons)


Equipment: laptop, cell phone, boots, bandanna, multitool, needles, spindle, wool, meds, children, blankets for forts


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